About Us

How Brothers' Optical began

When Giacomo Ragazzo was born in Santo Stefano di Camastra, on the west coast of Sicily, Italy, in 1902, he began a tradition that has gone on for a century.

He was, in essence, the reason for the beginning of Brothers' Optical Laboratory, Inc., in Anaheim, California.

Here's how it happened

As a young man he studied for the priesthood, which was a tradition in those days. He also learned to make pottery. Learning a trade was foremost with his family.

Poor economic conditions in his homeland and the exciting opportunities in America lured Giacomo to sail for New York. He arrived in 1920 at the age of 18.

While struggling to make a new life for himself he began composing music. He continued playing the mandolin, an instrument he had learned to play as a child. Proving that practice makes perfect; he ultimately became a member of the world famed New York Philharmonic Orchestra.

After a number of years he met Maria Zarcone. They were married and he had three children; Sal, Carlo and John.

In 1948 his health began to fail. The family decided to move to Los Angeles. Giacomo found work as a presser for Hollywood Clothing, a well known clothing manufacturer.

Maria gave birth to their fourth son, Joseph.

Giacomo instilled in his sons the tradition of hard work. He dreamed of the boys having a business together where they could make a product of high quality to sell at a fair price.

John recalls, "Pop never shopped for price. He believed that something of quality would last longer."

And therein lay the dream and the tradition that grew from his teachings. "Quality is something you don't get cheap!" he told his boys.

From these humble beginnings, John and his younger brother, Joseph began learning a trade. That trade was optical fabrication.

John and Joseph began working for their half-brother Jim's contact lens company. John also worked for a company called Precision Optical in Santa Ana, where he was introduced to the fabrication of prescription eyewear. A wholesale optical laboratory became their main goal in life. They learned quickly while working long hours.

Then in 1973, it finally happened. They opened a small business and called it Brothers' Optical Laboratory. It was located in Santa Ana.

They were the only employees. The beginning was not easy. But long hours and dedication did pay off.

Soon the small quarters were not large enough. Then in 1982 they moved to a larger facility in north Anaheim, California. After a few years they again ran out of space and relocated to their current and much larger facility, a few blocks from Disneyland.

Proudly, they have been joined by their other brothers. As time past Sal became Sales Manager. And as Regional Sales Representative, Carlo joined the others. Today, all four brothers are together, at Brothers' Optical.

All Brothers' Optical employees are well trained and are all considered integral members of the laboratory family. Many have worked at the laboratory for years; and many more for over a decade.

Our customers, are part of us...a part of our tradition...and a part of our family.

From the tradition, that began in 1902, by Giacomo Ragazzo...this modern, high technology, independent wholesale optical laboratory, is truly a dream come true.

From all of us...to all of you...we are...