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Please specify the following when placing an order for a one lens only Rx:
  • Base curve
  • Optical center on bifocals and trifocals
  • Amount of EQ (prism thinning) on a progressive lens
  • Uncut lens orders send/fax drawing of lens, include A, B, and ED measurements. (ED is twice the radius measurement)

When taking a Seg Height or Fitting Height, measure to the deepest part of the frame.

When neutralizing the add power on a plus lens
  1. Take your distant readings as usual
  2. Reverse the lens to check the add power

Before sending in an rx, glance over the invoice to make sure there is nothing missing, (P.D., Seg Height, + or - sign, Material, Lens Style, etc.), and the frame information is accurate.

Always make sure your name is included when sending in a frame for an Rx.

When neutralizing an Rx for vertical prism, always check the strongest lens first.

Neutralizing prism, on a progressive lens, should be done 4mm below the fitting cross.